Compressible Bone Matrix

Our compressible bone matrix is demineralized cancellous bone with osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties. Derived entirely from human bone, its naturally porous structure has sponge-like handling characteristics.

Key Features

  • Verified Osteoinductive Potential - Cancellous bone is demineralized via a proprietary process to expose naturally occurring osteoinductive proteins. Each lot is tested to confirm osteoinductive potential.
  • Structure - Naturally porous, the trabecular bone structure provides a matrix for boney ingrowth.
  • Handling - Graft compresses to fill virtually any defect. Graft expands after placement to conform to the defect space.
  • Fluid Retention - Graft absorbs bioactive fluids, like blood and bone marrow aspirate.
  • Safety - The highest level of safety is ensured through redundant safeguards, tissue sterilization processes and terminal sterilization by gamma irradiation.

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