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FLASH Navigation Percutaneous Module

FLASH™ Navigation enables a safe, radiation-free surgical environment by utilizing a novel, proprietary camera-based technology, coupled with machine-vision algorithms that creates a fast, accurate, efficient, and uninterrupted surgical workflow. The visible light technology enables a FLASH Registration in just seconds and provides independent vertebral registration, resulting in high system accuracy that is not affected by patient positioning or intraoperative movement.
Key Features & Technologies

Focused on the details.

  1. Key Features
  2. Technologies
  1. Fast, Efficient, Simple
    • Optimized workflow
    • No line-of-sight challenges
    • Surgeon-controlled
    • Machine-vision technology
  2. Imaging Agnostic
    • No image calibration
    • No hardware linkage
    • Compatible with a variety of 3D C-arms
  3. Multiple Landmarks for Accuracy Confirmation
    • Proprietary FLASH Frame design
    • Distinctive contours for accuracy check
    • Registration confidence

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