Hollywood™ VI NanoMetalene® System

Hollywood™ VI NanoMetalene® is a convex, lordotic implant with a variable insertion technique ideal for transforaminal interbody procedures. It combines the surface benefits of titanium1 and the mechanical properties of PEEK2 to deliver an interbody solution with the best of both materials and design for fusion.

Key Features

  • Curved anatomical geometry to maximize endplate contact
  • Variable insertion options to accommodate placement of implant
  • Molecularly bonded commercially pure titanium encompassing entire implant
  • Uncompromised mechanical2 and image characteristics3 of PEEK-OPTIMA®
  • No flaking or debris of titanium surface2

    1Cross-sectional image from pre-clinical animal study. Data on file.
    2Results from mechanical testing. Data on file.
    3Results from imaging study. Data on file.

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Posterior Interbody

Posterior Interbody


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