The Lattus Lateral Access System redefines the standard of care through itsunwavering stability, boundless versatility, and effortless ease of use. With the addition ofSeaSpine’s streamlined disc prep instrumentation, and ability to facilitate implantation ofour lateral interbodies and plates, such as Regatta®, Regatta Lateral Plate, andWaveForm® L, Lattus optimizes the lateral procedure.
Key Features & Technologies

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  1. Key Features
  1. Top loading blades for efficient assembly
    • Independent and discrete cranial, caudal, and posterior blade expansion
      • Three blade toing and sweeping capability for optimal exposure
        • Two table arm attachment connection points for anterior or posterior retractor
          • Includes disposable items including dilator kits, light cables, stimulation instruments, k-wires, and shims
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