OsteoCurrent® represents an evolution in the performance of ceramic bone graft substitutes. The patented submicron surface structure harnesses the body’s healing response and drives accelerated bone formation.1,2 Strong evidence supporting the ability to form bone in challenging models separates OsteoCurrent from other ceramic alternatives.

Key Features

  • 100% synthetic biphasic calcium phosphate with 70% TCP and 30% HA3
  • Submicron surface structure drives consistent and robust bone formation3
  • Forms bone in a muscle pouch model without added cells or growth factors3
  • Putty is moldable and can fill defects

    1van Dijk LA, et al.: Biphasic Calcium Phosphate with Submicron Surface Topography in an Ovine Model of Instrumented Posterolateral Spinal Fusion. JOR Spine 2018;1:e1039.
    2Duan R, et al.: Accelerated bone formation by biphasic calcium phosphate with a novel sub-micron surface topography. European Cells and Materials. 2019;37:60-73.
    3Kuros Biosciences. “Directing bone formation with a submicron surface topography”. 2018. PDF File.

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