OsteoStrux® Putty

Our OsteoStrux® putty is a moldable, osteoconductive scaffold composed of purified collagen and β-TCP. The matrix readily hydrates with bone marrow aspirate.

Key Features

  • Advanced Engineering - With a blend of 20% type 1 bovine collagen and 80% highly purified β-TCP, the matrix was developed to resemble the composition and pore structure of natural human bone. The resorption rate is consistent with the formation of new bone.
  • Carrier for Cells and Proteins - An interconnected pore structure absorbs bone marrow aspirate, which contains cells and proteins that play an important role in bone formation.
  • Radiographic Visualization - The β-TCP component provides radiographic visualization of graft placement.
  • Terminal Sterilization - As the last step in manufacturing, the scaffold is terminally sterilized.
  • Moldable Putty - Optimal for placement in irregularly shaped defects of the spine or extremities

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