Pocket Strip

Our pocket strip is 100% human allograft, composed of demineralized bone matrix and donor-matched human musculoskeletal tissue. This natural biologic scaffold features a deep recess for additional grafting material.
Key Features & Technologies

Focused on the details.

  1. Key Features
  1. Simple Graft Design -The simple design includes a deep recess for packing in local autograft or other grafting material. When hydrated and filled, the graft can be folded to enclose and hold the added grafting material
    • Verified Osteoinductive Potential - Each lot is tested for osteoinductive potential1 following terminal sterilization
      • Flexible Handling - The hydrated graft is pliable and can be folded, twisted and molded. The graft bends to conform to the defect site and allows for contact with the decorticated bone
        • Fast Hydration Options - Graft hydrates in 3 minutes with a variety of fluids, including sterile saline, sterile water, blood, bone marrow aspirate or platelet-rich plasma. Reduced hydration times yield firmer handling. The hydrated graft resists irrigation
          • Highest Level of Safety - The highest level of safety is ensured through redundant safeguards, including tissue and DBM sterilization processes and terminal sterilization by low-temperature, low-dose gamma irradiation

            1 DBM or representative finished implant is either assayed in vivo in the modified athymic nude rat for bone formation or in vitro for endogenous BMP-2 as a surrogate test marker for osteoinductive potential. Because the combination of various proteins is responsible for osteoinductive potential, DBM when assayed in vitro, is also screened for the presence of BMP-7. Findings from an in vitro assay or animal model are not necessarily predictive of human clinical results.