Shoreline® ACS

The Shoreline® ACS is a premier product, providing TruProfile® and No-profile cervical spinal fixation and realignment, with ultimate system flexibility, construct modularity, and refined instrumentation.

Key Features

  • Intraoperative Choices
    • The system offers four styles of implant constructs
  • NanoMetalene® Technology
    • Up to 1-micron of commercially pure titanium molecularly bonded to PEEK
  • Minimized Adjacent Level Overhang
    • The TruProfile® plates are designed to be as short as possible*
  • Adjacent Level Implant Options
    • The No-profile and TruProfile® constructs are designed to fit adjacent levels
  • Hyperlordotic Interbodies
    • The TruProfile® construct offers 10° and 15° lordotic options*
  • Large Interbody Footprints
    • The system offers three large interbody footprints: 16 x 14mm, 18 x 15mm, and 20 x 15mm*
  • Maximized Graft Apertures
    • The interbodies have maximized graft apertures to increase graft volume
  • High Performance Screws
    • The system offers 3.5 and 4.0mm screws with an aggressive thread pattern
  • Refined Instruments
    • The instruments have been designed for ease of use and simplicity
    *TruProfile® construct only

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