Strand® Plus

Strand® Plus fibers were developed through a disciplined R&D process that evaluated a variety of fiber geometries to deliver osteoinductivity, osteoconductivity, intraoperative handling, and controlled expansion. Powered by Accell® Bone Matrix (ABM), Strand Plus provides both immediate and sustained release of growth factors. Strand Plus is 100% demineralized bone fibers designed to unleash the bone-forming capacity and fusion potential.
Key Features & Technologies

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  1. Key Features
  2. Technologies
  1. 100% demineralized bone fibers with benefits of Accell Bone Matrix®
    • Cellular highways for cell migration and fusion
      • Moldable and cohesive
        • Expands to fill gaps
          • Procedural integration with RAPID®
            • Simplicity of hydration

              Strand® Plus eIFUs