Vu a•POD™ Prime NanoMetalene®

Our Vu a•POD™ Prime NanoMetalene® system features a zero profile, stand-alone anterior lumbar interbody which combines titanium and PEEK to deliver an interbody solution with the best of both materials and design for fusion. The Vu a•POD Prime NanoMetalene implant can be configured in a variety of footprint and lordotic combinations to accommodate an individual patient’s pathology.

Key Features

  • Molecularly bonded, commercially pure titanium encompassing entire implant
  • Multiple footprint options for optimal endplate coverage
  • Extensive lordotic offering provides more sagittal balance restoration capabilities
  • Three fixation options enable intraoperative flexibility for optimal construct configuration:
    • SpinPlate™ (10° and 15° lordotic implants only)
    • Screws
    • SpinPlate and Screws
  • Comprehensive instrumentation set enables simple implant insertion and precision-controlled screw hole creation and delivery

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