WaveForm® TA

WaveForm® interbodies are efficiently designed, prioritizing strength, surface, and stability. Manufactured entirely of a repeating and continuous wave-like structure that absorbs and distributes compressive loads more efficiently than other 3D printed architectures, the SeaSpine® family of WaveForm interbodies, deliver high porosity and decreased stiffness without compromising strength. The body of WaveForm interbodies incorporate larger pores, compared to that of the interbody endplate, to balance the need for enhanced imaging characteristics along with improved graft flowability and retention. With the goal of fusion, WaveForm’s sheet-like structure provides more surface area for bone to crawl in and across compared to other 3D-printed architectures and features an endplate porosity of 65% proven to maximize the potential for early stability.
Key Features & Technologies

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  1. Key Features
  1. Multiple footprint and lordotic options to accommodate an array of patient anatomy
    • WaveForm technology provides greater tensile strength for a given porosity
      • Bulleted insertion end to ease insertion and articulation
        • Curved design and domed endplates to ensure anterior vertebral column stability
          • Central aperture for autograft or allograft placement
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