WaveForm® TA

The SeaSpine® WaveForm® TA (TLIF Articulating) System is designed to reliably deliver an interbody to the anterior cortex during transforaminal lumbar interbody procedures. WaveForm technology is designed to prioritize strength, surface, and stability. With a repeating and continuous wave-like structure, WaveForm was created to withstand high compressive loads while delivering an endplate porosity that maximizes the potential for early stabilization.1,2 This balance of strength to porosity offers increased opportunity for bone packing, decreased stiffness profile, and enhanced imaging properties.
Key Features & Technologies

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  1. Key Features
  1. Implant and instrumentation provide a robust connection for implant delivery and articulation within the disc space
    • WaveForm technology provides greater tensile strength for a given porosity1
      • Multiple footprint and lordotic options to accommodate an array of patient anatomy
        • Smooth bulleted nose to ease insertion and articulation

          1 Kelly, Cambre N., et al. "Design and structure–function characterization of 3D printed synthetic porous biomaterials for tissue engineering. "Advanced healthcare materials 7.7 (2018): 1701095.

          2 O. Al-Ketan, R. Rowshan, R.K. Abu Al-Rub, Topology-mechanical property relationship of 3D printed strut, skeletal, and sheet based periodic metallic cellular materials, Addit. Manuf. 19 (2018) 167–183.

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