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Cambria NanoMetalene®

Cambria NanoMetalene® implant is designed to be your cervical interbody solution. It combines the surface benefits of titanium with the mechanical properties of PEEK and the anatomical design of the Cambria implant.
Key Features & Technologies

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  1. Key Features
  2. Technologies
  1. NanoMetalene® Surface Technology
    • 1-micron-thick layer of molecularly bonded CP titanium1.
    • Resists flaking or delaminating1.
    • 100% surface area coverage for maximum bone and titanium interaction3
  2. PEEK Core
    • Modulus of elasticity similar to cortical bone4.
    • Radiolucent imaging2.
    • Minimize resorptive disc height loss.
  3. Simple Instrumentation
    • Threaded secure implant insertion.
    • Color-coded trials.

1 Results from mechanical testing. Data on file.

2 Results from imaging study. Data on file.

3 Cross-sectional image from pre-clinical animal study. Data on file.

4 Invibio, PO-ENG-SUR-01 09/07.01

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