Reef® TA

The SeaSpine® Reef® TA (TLIF Articulating) Interbody System is designed to reliably deliver an interbody to the anterior cortex during transforaminal lumbar interbody procedures. The implant and instrumentation provides a robust connection for implant delivery and articulation within the disc space until desired placement is reached. Implants feature NanoMetalene® surface technology and Reef Topography for greater titanium surface area and improved biomechanical stability while maintaining the physical properties of PEEK.1,2,†

Key Features

  • NanoMetalene Technology
    • Submicron titanium layer molecularly bonded to the entire PEEK implant
  • Reef Topography
    • Undercut macrostructures designed to promote bony interlocking1,†
  • Instrumentation to allow for up to 70° articulation

    †Preclinical testing, such as animal studies, may not be indicative of human results.
    1Walsh, et al. The in vivo response to a novel Ti coating compared with polyether ether ketone: evaluation of the periphery and inner surfaces of an implant. Spine Journal 2018 Jul; 18(7): 1231-1240.
    2Results from mechanical testing. Data on file. TR-0010-11-01.

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Posterior Interbody

Posterior Interbody

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