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Fathom Pedicle-Based Retractor

The Fathom™ Pedicle-Based Retractor is designed to provide a rigid in situ construct that is specific to each patient. With three points of active telescoping blade fixation, the Fathom Retractor allows the surgeon to control the precise length of each blade and dial in a customized lateral to medial tilt. Fathom provides for a reproducible surgical workflow and enhanced visualization with minimal soft tissue disruption, complementing SeaSpine's complete TLIF Procedural Solution.
Key Features & Technologies

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  1. Key Features
  1. Telescoping cranial/caudal blades for a patient-specific fit
    • Controlled manipulation of the medial blade to provide powerful medial retraction and a customized retractor tilt across the operative level(s)
      • Three points of fixation to achieve and maintain retractor rigidity and desired intraoperative visibility
        • Continuous standard blade offerings from 35–140mm in length

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